WeBlog Deployment to Preview Database issue

Posted 08/03/2014 by Ercan Polat

WeBlog Deployment to "Preview Database" issue

WeBlog is a Sitecore module that is very simple to implement. It has all the functionality that a Blog might need. You can enable Archive, Blog Feeds, Categories, Facebook Like, Interesting Entries, Resent Comments, Tag Cloud and Twitter Timeline. You can also enable Blog comments and provides simple pagination.

Steps to Implement:
Download the Blog module from Sitecore Market Place (WeBlog). Install the module like any other module with the Sitecore Installation Wizard. This will create the required, templates, layouts and sub-layouts on the Sitecore server. Create a new item based on the WeBlog template and configure your Blog. 

In order to incorporate your blog in to your project. Update Presentation Details and use your projects Layouts and sublay-outs. Update the CSS and you are done.

WeBlog Deployment to Preview Database issue:

In my last project I implemented a Blog. First I implemented the Blog locally; then I did deploy it to DEV environment without any issues. However, when I deployed the Blog to the Preview server the Blog was not working. It was not displaying the Blog entries, nothing was working. Several times I checked the published items, the code and web indexing. However, I could not understand what the issue was.  

When you install the WeBlog module, it creates a WeBlog.config file under the App_Config / Include folder. The WeBlog folder has a section where it looks for "Web" database. However, our database name was Preview, therefore the Blog was not working. Update WeBlog.config file and add the Preview database (actually add the database name that you are using).
Copy/Paste the Web section and update it for Preview database. This will solve the problem.

 <preview type="Sitecore.Modules.WeBlog.Search.Crawlers.DatabaseCrawler,Sitecore.Modules.WeBlog">  
         <!-- Don't index all fields so we can control the values and fields in the index -->  
         <Root contentRoot="$(ContentRoot)">/sitecore/content</Root>  
    <include hint="list:IncludeTemplate" entryTemplate="$(EntryTemplateID)"  commentTemplate= "$(CommentTemplateID)">  
         <multiListFields hint="list:AddMultilistField">  
         <includeFields hint="list:AddDataField">  
          <entry-date>entry date</entry-date>  
         <tags>web WeBlog</tags>