Sitecore Issue - Update Wizard page waits indefinitely

Posted 06/27/2014 by Debabrata Biswas

Sitecore update page (http://<hostname>/sitecore/admin/UpdateInstallationWizard.aspx) would sometimes appear hung and does not show any progress.

I have noticed this behavior while upgrading from "Sitecore .NET 6.4.1 rev. 110720" to "Sitecore CMS 6.5.0 and DMS 2.0.0 rev.110602" but this could be happening on other upgrades too (please review the screenshot).

I requested Sitecore support but they did not get back to me on time. But fortunately for me I found one code in Sitecore Marketplace that I customized and tweaked for my requirement that gives me complete control on what happens underneath. Please find that attached as "InstallPackagesUpdate Progress Stuck.bmp".  One basic IIS app pool setting that needs to be done is as mentioned in “;k(TargetFrameworkMoniker-.NETFramework,Version%3Dv3.5);k(DevLang-csharp)&rd=true”.
Please find the page I built, attached that you can use if you face this issue anytime. You can add it to your project and run it. The code should be self-explanatory. You will find the package here InstallPackages.