Sitecore Is Awesome

Posted 03/31/2014 by Sathish

I have been working with Ektron Content Management System for over seven years in various roles, starting from developer, content author, Web Manager and Architect. I recently started using Sitecore and I can certainly say Sitecore is Awesome.

Ektron is a very simple Web Content Management System. A site can be created and run in no time. But simplicity comes with the price of difficulty to extend.

As a developer, I feel Sitecore marketplace is Awesome. Ektron had something called Exchange but that site was dropped with the new platform called Code Library. Contribution from the community is very less in the Ektron world whereas the Sitecore marketplace has significant contributions from the community. I can get a wide variety of modules in the market place. News mover and powershell extension modules are awesome. To make some random changes like removing special characters from Title, changing a status of content in a folder etc I normally create an aspx page in Ektron to perform this operations, but powershell extension module let me to do these changes in Sitecore fast and easy without all the unnecessary aspx pages. News mover module helps to maintain the Press Release Articles, Blog Post etc in chronological order.

As a content Author, Ektron can get a bit chaotic. Ektron Work area is based on iframe and authors sometimes end up with three or four scrollbars making it very confusing. Sitecore Authoring environment is Awesome; it is very neat and powerful. Ektron’s Rich editor may be more prodigious, but Sitecore provides what exactly the content authors need.  

As a Web Manager, I like the reporting options provided by Ektron. But I had very limited tools to perform A/B or Multi variant testing, visitor tracking and Persona management in Ektron. Sitecore’s DMS and Persona-based A/B testing are Awesome.   

Last but not least, as an Ektron Architect, I had to go above and beyond to meet most of the customer requirements. All the workarounds I provided while working with Ektron are available as default functionality in Sitecore. Controls, API in Sitecore are far more superior to Ektron’s controls.

That’s why I say Sitecore is Awesome!