Sitecore Data Model Documentation Module

Posted 02/19/2015 by Matt Schultz

I have been working on this concept for a while now. I am close to completing it and pushing it to the marketplace. The concept is simple, we need a way to document all templates and field in the templates.

We often work on projects which grow over time and what would be nice is to have a document with the purpose of the templates and fields.

First, I have a base template called Doc Base which is inherited by the Standard Template, Template Field and Template Section. Once we do that, the Doc Base fields are available in all the items. Then it's just a matter of adding the documentation.

Doc Base Template

Using this, you could document any Sitecore item.

Adding documentaion

Once the documentation is entered, we can configure how we want to display it. I have built a Section which is Page Editor friendly that lets you traverse through the documentation and make edits as you please.

Page Editor

This module also lets you configure the nodes to be displayed in the documentation section by configuring the paths and levels, so that you can control what the Documentation module displays.


I use NVelocity to render page content and have placeholders to dynamically inject content. This module will also let you add NVelocity statements to the content of your documentation so that it can dynamically link to other documentation items. For Example: you can link to your global settings item from its global setting item template.


For those that don't know, nveloctiy is included in sitecore and is a powerful interpreted templating language. Here is a link to NVelocity.

I am hoping to complete this module shortly with a few tweaks, but wanted to share a preview of the functionality.

Please let me know if you have any questions or comments.