Sitecore Hackathon 2015

Posted 01/09/2015 by Akshay Sura


It's time for the Second Annual Sitecore Hackathon. 

The first ever Sitecore Hackathon was held January 2014 and was wildly successful and got a lot of attention from the community.

A total of 11 teams from around the world participated in this 24 hour Hackathon. Teams posted their progress and pictures on social media all throughout the competition.

The Idea "Best Authoring Experience Enhancement Module" was picked, which was broad enough and it produced modules which dealt with workflow, visualizing content dependencies, content editor field enhancements, tools to help import/export, search utilities and more.

Out of the Hackathon, there were 4 modules submitted to the Sitecore Marketplace.

First Ever Sitecore Hackathon:

  • 11 Teams Entered
  • 10 Teams completed the competition
  • 3 Judges
  • 4 ended up as module submission to the Sitecore Marketplace

The next Sitecore Hackathon is being sponsored by NTT DATA. Teams that have signed up by 6 pm EST January 20, 2015 will have the opportunity to participate in the contest. Eligible teams will have 24 hours — starting Friday January 23rd 2015 at 8PM EST and ending Saturday January 24th 2015 at 8PM EST – to build and submit a Sitecore module best implementing the idea for the Hackathon, as determined by our panel of judges. The idea will be announced an hour before the Hackathon starts on January 23rd.

The idea for the Hackathon will be picked an hour before the Hackathon starts and is communicated to the Hackathon teams ONLY. Once the Hackathon starts, its broadcasted to the social network community.

The ideas for the Hackathon are broad in nature so that the contestants can each come up with a creative solution addressing the need.

Sitecore Hackathon 2015:

  • Over 20 Teams as of January 9th, 2015
  • 4 Judging panels, each with at least 3 judges (Community, Sitecore Technical Marketing, Sitecore Business Optimization Services and Sitecore Product Department)


  • Prize money, each team gets $300 in Amazon gift cards
  • Name Recognition and bragging rights
  • Meet other Sitecore Developers
  • Sense of community and contributing to the community
  • Get modules to the Sitecore Marketplace

Please use the hash tag #SCHackathon to tweet about the Hackathon. You can also checkout the Sitecore Hackathon page on Pinterest