Sitecore Hints: RSS Feed Bucketed Item Datasource

Posted 06/18/2015 by sean fox

Recently I ran across a request to allow an RSS feed page to use a bucketed item datasource in Sitecore 7.5 (or Sitecore 8), based on a query filtered on a specific template. I looked through a few resources on the topic:


I had a few take aways from Dan Cruikshank’s article about mapping RSS fields. Firstly for the target type of item I wish to use for RSS I need to do a one-time field mapping. I will access the design UI from the “Presentation” section in the “Feeds” tab:

… and then map my fields:

On the RSS Feed template there is an “Items” field, which accepts a path or a query, and is supposed to operate on all descendants of a given path. 

What I found though was that it expects to operate on children of some parent item. Also, supplying a bucket query doesn’t work in this field. Moreover, supplying a bad query actually breaks the RSS Feed with a message similar to “Bad URI Format …”, so based on John West’s suggestion I decided to roll my own Feed Delivery Layout class which the built-in Feed Delivery Layout will inherit. 

So I now had a couple objectives in mind:

    1.  Allow the RSS Feed datasource field to be used normally while … 
    2.  Also implementing a default search for bucketed items inheriting from, in my case “Article” when the datasource is empty or fails to find related articles to  display in the feed

There are also a couple of things I need to track down before I begin:

    1.  Reflect on the Feed Delivery Layout class
    2.  Find the out-of-the-box Feed Delivery Layout page


First I need to locate the out-of-the-box Feed Delivery Layout and here is my location (and probably yours too):

    1.  ~/sitecore/shell/Applications/Feeds/Layouts/FeedDeliveryLayout.aspx

Then I’ll use ILSpy to hunt down the code and locate the section I need to augment in my custom Feed Delivery Layout class:

Let’s Code! 

There are a few assumptions I’ve made 

    •   I am in a multisite solution, and each site has a featured RSS Feed Page
    •   The ‘Article’ template is re-used across sites
    •   So, I need to craft a query which works across sites
    •   The custom Feed Delivery Layout class will be used now any time the Feed Delivery Layout page is requested, again 
     across sites as this is a shared built-in sitecore control

I will change the inherits attribute to point at my custom class:

    <%@ Page Language="c#" Inherits="Sitecore.Syndication.Web.FeedDeliveryLayout, Sitecore.Kernel" CodePage="65001" %>

    <%@ Page Language="c#" Inherits="Foo.SCExtensions.CustomFeedDeliveryLayout, Foo.SCExtensions" CodePage="65001" %>

I am going to start out with the Method I want to use to retrieve items in my content tree that inherit from ‘Article’. This method will return a string which is what is returned from FeedManager.Render(myfeed).

    1.  From the location of the RSS Feed item, drive up the ancestor tree and find the root, which is an item that inherits from “Home Page”
    2.  Then perform a query against the tree for items inheriting from ‘Article page’, these items could be in buckets
    3.  I am using an ORM Glass.Mapper on this project and so as the result of my query I should have a list of IEnumerable<Article> which I convert over to a list of  IEnumerable<Syndicationitem> to be fed to my feed

private static string TrySetBucketedItemSourceFeed()
    // Spin up a feed to use
    SyndicationFeed syndicationFeed = new SyndicationFeed();

    // Declare a string which will hold the output of our feed
    string value = string.Empty;

    // From the current RSS Feed item (page), drive up and find the site root, or start page
    HomePage homeItem =
    Sitecore.Context.Item.Axes.SelectSingleItem<HomePage>("./ancestor-or-self::*[@@templatename = 'Home Page']");

    // If we have a match, proceed
    if (homeItem != null)
        // Setup a query against the tree to fetch articles for our feed
        string query = string.Format("/sitecore/content{0}//*[@@templatename='Article]",

        // Perform the query
        IEnumerable<Article> items = Sitecore.Context.Database.SelectItems<Article>(query);

        // Enumerate into an array, suggestion made by Resharper
        IEnumerable<Article> articles = items as IList<Article> ?? items.ToList();

        // If we have articles to work on
        if (articles.Any())
            // Initialize up a list of syndication items for storage
            List<SyndicationItem> syndicationList = new List<SyndicationItem>();

            // Convert the article collection into a list of syndication items having Title, Description, Date, and 
            // Link. ** Note that the “Link” property must be set on the syndication item constructor

            foreach (Article article in articles)
                string title = article.PageTitle;
                string content = article.Description;
                DateTime date = article.PublishedDate ?? DateTime.MinValue;
                Uri uri =
                new Uri(string.Format("{0}://{1}{2}", HttpContext.Current.Request.Url.Scheme,
                HttpContext.Current.Request.Url.Host, Sitecore.Links.LinkManager.GetItemUrl(article.InnerItem)));
                SyndicationItem syndicationItem = new SyndicationItem(title, content, uri);
                if (date != DateTime.MinValue)
                    syndicationItem.PublishDate = date;

            // Add the list to the feed, and render it with the FeedManager to our value for return
            syndicationFeed.Items = syndicationList;
            value = FeedManager.Render(syndicationFeed);
    return value;

Next I just need to wire it up in the “try” block:

    string value = string.Empty;
    PublicFeed publicFeed = FeedManager.GetFeed(item); 
    SyndicationFeed feed = publicFeed.Render();

    // If feeds exist already use this default behavior
    if (feed.Items.Any())
        value = FeedManager.Render(feed);
    else // Otherwise, use our custom sauce
        value = TrySetBucketedItemSourceFeed();

And that’s it, off to the races. Thank you for reading my article and stay tuned for my next post.

- Sean


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