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Coveo for Sitecore Pro Cloud: Streamlining Coveo Implementations

Posted 04/28/2016 by Ed Kapuscinski

There are exciting new things coming down the pike from Coveo: the Coveo For Sitecore Pro Cloud Edition. While this may seem exciting because it allows you to move your Coveo indexes out of your datacenter and into the cloud with a very minimal investment, I find it exciting because it’s going to make implementing Coveo much easier.

Coveo for Sitecore has a ton of excellent functionality, and a really good, tight integration. But because there are a large number of moving parts, getting them all to move together in numerous environments could be tricky. Coveo For Sitecore Pro Cloud solves those issues with two new features:

  1. The indexes will now be in the cloud (as a service), meaning a developer no longer has to worry about setting them up, getting the settings for them, making sure they have enough space, the right security credentials, etc…
  2. There will now be a new installation wizard that will walk you through applying all the settings from your Coveo cloud account. This will help automate and streamline what was once a somewhat tricky process of setting up a Coveo instance and connection to it.

As with all Cloud implementations, security is a concern, especially given the huge impact of data breaches (like Mexico’s recent voter information leak).

Because of this, Coveo has built their solution with enterprise class security top-of-mind, including a SOC I & II compliant infrastructure that supports fully-encrypted, single tenant indexes, all architected to meet HIPAA and other regulatory standards. 

A thing that generally concerns me about developing for Cloud platforms is development environments. It's easy to setup a local version of Sitecore, because it can use SQL Server Express just as easily as real SQL Server (until you start getting real traffic and have real uptime requirements, at least), but the same is not always the case with cloud based SaaS or PaaS tools. There is good news there though too: Coveo has thought this through, and includes a number of ways to get development access to their cloud indexes: Evaluation accounts and development licenses included with your production license. A Pro Cloud license comes with two "Coveo Cloud Organizations": a production one and a sandbox one. Development, testing and QA can all be done using the sandbox and then, when it's time to go live, configuration items can be serialized to JSON and migrated through the Cloud Admin UI or programmatically via the REST APIs of the cloud platform. If one sandbox isn't enough, additional sandboxes can be licensed from Coveo.

In addition to the improvements above that will make developers happy, there are also additional capabilities, such as Coveo Reveal, to provide better search tuning and insight, but for me, the best news is clearly the improved experience for getting the tool setup which has, historically, taken up much of my Coveo implementation time. This means quicker, more agile implementations for those looking to include Coveo for Sitecore for new builds, or when retrofitting it into existing sites.

More information about Coveo’s new offering can be found on their website: