Sitecore Icons in The Media Library (and content profile cards)

Posted 12/09/2016 by Ed Kapuscinski

I love the icons in Sitecore. While the wonderful things about its architecture, and its capabilities, and its community are all true, it's the icons that truly stand out as setting it apart from other web content management systems.

I might be a bit exaggerating, but I really do find them useful. I mean, look at some of them.


I realized that they'd be really handy to use as the images for some personalization profile cards. There was a problem though. The icons don't live in the media library, but that's where you pull those images from.

Luckily, I had extracted the icons from the icon cache for something else I was working on, and coupled with Sitecore's "upload" folder (that lets you put files into it to be automatically imported into the media library), I was able to load them into the system. It took some cleanup, though, to make sure I had the highest res version (and Sitecore provides the files in a number of sizes).

Of course, I also packaged them up because I knew I'd probably want to reuse them, and would also like to share.

Here's the zip file of the Sitecore icon set package.

Also, while I'm talking about these, I should talk about the reason I wanted them in the media library in the first place: using them for content profile cards.

Content profile cards are the way that you tag content to let the personalization engine know what it's about. These cards can have a few things done to improve the user experience for content authors using them: giving them a description, and giving them an icon.

How the profile cards appear on a content item.

Hovering over a selected profile card

The image and information are specified on the profile card item itself (in the marketing control panel).

Where to enter the friendly text and icon in the profile card