Publish Viewer

Posted 07/06/2016 by Sanjeev Gupta

I recently came across a situation in a production environment that I have been supporting that required some explanation for the client. 

This environment is a large implementation, with a multi-lingual site, multiple servers, and content authors spread around multiple offices around the world.

Users were often finding that they would make some small changes, but their small changes would take seemingly forever to go live. It was tough for them to understand what was going on though. Sometimes the blamed caching, sometimes they complained that Sitecore was "being weird".

The best indication of what was going on was when they would open the publishing window and see a "queued" message. At least then they got a sense that someone was publishing something ahead of them. Being a large environment, full site publishes take a while though (with over 20,000 items in multiple languages), and sometimes multiple users kick them off back to back without knowing it. Because of the geographic dispersion of the content editors, they can't just walk around the office asking if someone kicked off a publish, either.

Luckily, there is a very handy tool available in the Sitecore Marketplace: Publish Viewer

With this module, properly credentialed users can check what is being publishing, how much of a particular job is completed, who was responsible for kicking off a publishing job and which other jobs are queue.

Publishing viewer is a great tool to give your users some insight into what's going on with Sitecore's publishing queue, and hopefully make their content management lives easier.