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What to do when a content author leaves the company

Posted 07/14/2016 by Paul Tiemann

It happens all the time, a content author leaves the company.
What is your first thought? Protect the site by deleting their Sitecore account? No not so fast.

  • If you delete an account, you lose the history of any item versions the user edited as Sitecore will change the user in the history to the Anonymous account.
  • If the user has left any items locked, only a Sitecore administrator can unlock them.

Here's what to do when someone no longer should be able to access Sitecore.

1. Change their password. 

  • Open User Manager 
  • Select the user
  • Select Change Password

user manager

  • Sitecore won't let you change a password unless you know the old one but of course you don't.
  • You need to generate a new random password.
  • Copy that new password into the old password field. 
  • Type in a new password for the user. (you could use the generated password but that's usually a lot harder to type)

change password

password changed

2. Check for locked items.

It's fairly likely that your former colleague has left a few items locked.

  • Open the content editor
  • On the review tab, select "My Items".

My Items

  • This is the My Items list.

My Items list

  • Review any items pending and unlock them.
  • You can also use the workbox if you are using workflow to manage the items.

the workbox

3. Disable the users account

  • Log off from the old users account, navigate back to the user manager and disable the account.

disable user

That's it, your done. You have retained the history of a user, and prevented a panic call when a someone needs to edit an item and can't because it's locked.


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