Sitecore Symposium 2016 Takeaways

Posted 09/20/2016 by Ed Kapuscinski

This year's Sitecore Symposium was held in New Orleans, Louisiana because it had outgrown its old home at the Aria hotel in Las Vegas. That alone indicates the excitement and growth in the Sitecore community, and really is a great thing.

There were many important topics discussed, but the one that stood out the most to me was the discussion around Sitecore's "Experience Accelerator" (SXA). SXA is the first "Accelerator" made available directly by Sitecore. Accelerators are tools that allow Sitecore customers to quickly get a site built, usually including pre-built, pre-skinned components that save developers work by providing frequently required functionality without much (if any) actual development work.

Whereas Sitecore can be viewed as a box of Legos to be used to build either a castle or a spaceship, Sitecore Accelerators are more like Playmobil toys, where many things are already built for you. Now, like Playmobil toys, you can still have your pirates flying a spaceship, but you don't have to build the engines and put wings on it.