Using the Rainbow TFS package with the NTT Data Sitecore Accelerator

Posted 09/09/2016 by Ray Ashby

As much as many developers love Git, using Microsoft's Team Foundation Server (TFS) is still required on many projects. This can pose an issue if you want to use Unicorn (the ascendent Sitecore Item Serialization tool), because of the way TFS locks the files it controls in the filesystem.

The Rainbow.TFS package available from Nuget will resolve this problem for you, and allow you to use these tools together.

Installation of the package is straight forward when following the instructions available here on David Peterson's blog.

One thing to note if using the Sitecore Habitat Demo site, or a derivative of it, is to make sure to install the Nuget package in the Foundation.Serialization project and update the unicorn.tfs.config file in that project.

Once you have the package's contents installed, you will need to add the various serialization folders in your project to TFS in the Source Control Explorer and commit the changes to TFS.

The steps to do this are:

  • Select the Foundation.Serialization project.
  • Install the Nuget Rainbow.tfs package.    As of September 2016, this is a prerelease package so you will need to specify the -pre switch.
Install-Package Rainbow.Tfs -Pre
  • Follow the the instructions in the readme and the the author's blog to update the credentials in the config file for your TFS server.
  • Publish the Foundation projects
  • Now you can test.
    • Modify some Sitecore content.
    • Verify the corresponding yml files are updated and that TFS sees the additions or changes as pending changes.


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