Clearing a SOLR Core Initialization Failure Error with a fix in Internet Explorer

Posted 02/22/2018 by Paul Tiemann

Our team was recently setting up a Windows 2012 production server for a new site and discovered a strange error while validating the SOLR setup which turned out to be caused by Internet Explorer settings.

We were trying to access the server in order to validate that the firewall was opened correctly to access the SOLR server when we received the following error. 

{{core}}: {{error}} 

followed by


Searching for this error lead to many posts with instructions on how to resolve startup problems on the SOLR server. 

Our server was running correctly though, which was validated by accessing the SOLR control panel from the SOLR server itself.

Here's the error we saw:

I thought, of course, that it could be a firewall issue. I thought that if that was the case I shouldn't be able to access it all. It turns out we were close though:, the problem was our old friend, Internet Explorer and the "Enhanced Security Configuration"

Resolving the error was easy once we figure out the problem of course: 

We just needed to add the site to the approved sites.

Once this was completed we saw the usual SOLR manager page:

And here's a bonus tip for those of you who need to access a site frequently.

There's a menu entry in IE that you might've overlooked: "Add site to Apps".

This command adds the current site (in this case the SOLR manager) to the desktop for easy access and allows you to pin it to the taskbar for even quicker access.