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    Faceted Autocomplete for a Sitecore Multilingual site using SOLR Suggester API

    Posted 01/27/2017 by Subramanian Ramanathan

    This blog focuses on building a faster autocomplete along with filtering and faceting of suggestions when using SOLR.

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    Adding Sitecore References via Nuget Packages

    Posted 01/26/2017 by Ed Kapuscinski

    Sitecore announced something very exciting (at least for developers) at last year's Sitecore Symposium: they will make the Sitecore DLLs that we always have to reference in our projects available as NuGet packages. This isn't a huge earth shattering thing (like introducing machine learning into the product), it's one of those little things that makes being a Sitecore developer such a pleasure. This post will show you how to take advantage of this functionality.

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  • How to Remotely Sync Unicorn 3 to Install Serialized Items Into Sitecore

    Posted 09/01/2016 by David DeBruin

    Unicorn is a great tool for adding Sitecore items to your version control system. In this post, we'll talk about how to automatically sync content items from it into an environment that's being built using TeamCity.

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