• Custom Workflow Manager

    Posted 12/22/2016 by Yogeshwer Sharma

    I'd like to share my next Sitecore Marketplace contribution: Custom Workflow Manager. This module can help add workflow and workflow states on items after building/completing the site and save your time with this tedious task.

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  • Language and Version Manager Sitecore Module

    Posted 10/18/2016 by Yogeshwer Sharma

    I am excited to share about my recently published module Language and Version Manager on the Sitecore marketplace. I hope it will be helpful for you and save your time.

    You can download module from here.

    This module provides two basic functionalities as follows -

    1. Add Version – Add specific language version on “n” number of items by single click.
    2. Copy Content – Copy content from one language version to another language version on multiple items.
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  • Model Class Generator For Sitecore Habitat

    Posted 09/19/2016 by Yogeshwer Sharma

    I'm excited to share my newly released Model Class Generator For Sitecore Habitat module on the Sitecore Marketplace. 

    This tool allows you to easily generate strongly typed model classes from data templates inside a solution that leverages the Sitecore Habitat architecture.

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  • PDF after form fields completed

    Generating a PDF document from user entered data in a WFFM Custom Save Action in Habitat

    Posted 07/11/2016 by Paul Tiemann

    Using iTextSharp and a custom WFFM (Web Forms For Marketers) save action in Sitecore to generate PDF documents on the fly with user entered data.

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  • Coveo Cloud Image

    Coveo for Sitecore Pro Cloud: Streamlining Coveo Implementations

    Posted 04/28/2016 by Ed Kapuscinski

    There are exciting new things coming down the pike from Coveo: the Coveo For Sitecore Pro Cloud Edition. While this may seem exciting because it allows you to move your Coveo indexes out of your datacenter and into the cloud with a very minimal investment, I find it exciting because it’s going to make implementing Coveo much easier.

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  • Add Telephone Link to the General Link field type in Sitecore

    Posted 02/21/2015 by Akshay Sura

    I wanted to extend the General Link field to add a new Menu Item to create a Telephone link. A Telephone link is primarily used to render a telephone number so that it helps the mobile user to dial out the phone number.

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  • Sitecore Item Export via Excel

    Posted 06/02/2014 by Keith Ball

    Custom tool for exporting and importing Sitecore data to different data files with a focus on Excel

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  • Adding Search Views to Sitecore 7

    Posted 02/05/2014 by Keith Ball

    Adding new Search Bucket Views in Sitecore 7 is weird. Get your attention? Cool.

    I want to go over a few nuances of the Search Bucket Views and show you how to add one using an example that was made for the First Sitecore Hackathon by Team Heisenberg.

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  • Workflow Comments Pipeline

    Posted 02/03/2014 by Valerie Concepcion

    Last week I had the pleasure of participating in the First Ever Sitecore Hackathon Contest as a member of Team Heisenberg (a.k.a., the ones who knock). Tasked with building the "Best Authoring Experience Enhancement Module", our team chose to develop a collection of related modules which enhance workflow functionality in Sitecore. One of the ideas we had was to allow content authors to easily provide a link to the URL of a bug tracked in an external issue tracking system, such as JIRA. Typical...

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  • Responsive images in Sitecore

    Posted 01/31/2014 by Justin Pettinger

    Responsive design is now a major design element for almost every new website being created right now. With responsive design the expectation are responsive and scale based on the browser dimensions.

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