• Sitecore Context Languages and Date Displays

    Sitecore Context Languages and Date Displays

    Posted 10/14/2016 by Ed Kapuscinski

    I'm generally pretty happy with the way that Sitecore handles multi-lingual sites, especially in Sitecore 8 where language fallback is an out of the box feature. There's one thing, though, that it doesn't do natively: set the cultureinfo for dates when a visitor is browsing a site in a certain language.

    Here's the cheat sheet on how to deal with that.

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  • Various ways to recover deleted item from Sitecore Recycle Bin and Setting

    Posted 09/16/2016 by Ravi Manokaran

    When we delete an item in Sitecore it is not deleted permanently. Instead it is moved to the recycle bin just like on a Windows PC recycle bin. Items sit in the Recycle bin until someone permanently deletes everything in it, meaning you can recover them if they were accidentally deleted.

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  • Options to move sitecore items from one database to another database

    Posted 09/16/2016 by Ravi Manokaran

    Most Sitecore users know about "publishing" that makes content live by moving content from the "master" database to one or more "web" databases where visitors can access it. Publishing isn't the only way to move content between databases though. There is also "transferring".

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  • Sitecore API for Adding & Retrieving Query Strings

    Posted 09/09/2016 by Subramanian Ramanathan

    Whenever we start any new project we tend to write some Utilities class with frequently used methods like GetItem, EditItem, etc. and also, adding & retrieving query strings using UriBuilder/HttpUtility.ParseQueryString API. As we know, Sitecore uses query strings like sc_mode, sc_lang etc. This got me a thinking.. Sitecore should have come up with its own methods for adding & retrieving query strings. Luckily we have such methods in Sitecore.Web.WebUtil class, syntax below, Sitecore.Web...

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  • Communicating between Sublayouts

    Posted 09/08/2016 by Subramanian Ramanathan

    We often come across scenarios where we need to communicate between sublayouts while working with webforms based solutions. Here are a few solutions for solving this problem.

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  • The new Sitecore.Xdb.config file

    Disabling XDB Analytics In Sitecore 8

    Posted 07/20/2016 by Ed Kapuscinski

    The setting to disable Sitecore Analytics is now "Xdb.Enabled" and is located in Sitecore.Xdb.config.

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  • Create Item in Sitecore programmatically with workflow assigned

    Posted 07/18/2016 by Yogeshwer Sharma

    There are many post already found on the internet where we can find API’s for creating an item in Sitecore.  But I am writing this I found something interesting, may be it is very common but it was something new for me.  I was working on a module and where I was creating items programmatically. My basic understanding was If we have assigned workflow on standard value of any data template and creating items with C# code by using that data template then it should automatically inhe...

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  • Generating Test Data

    Posted 07/15/2016 by Ray Ashby

    After installing a new test instance of Sitecore 8.1 I wanted try out some features.   I decided to add some test item to fill out the content tree a bit.    I found some tools for adding items, but it would be a good exercise to write my own module.   So, here is that effort.

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  • the workbox

    What to do when a content author leaves the company

    Posted 07/14/2016 by Paul Tiemann

    It happens all the time, a content author leaves the company.

    What is your first thought? Protect the site by delete their Sitecore account. That's a mistake, here's what you do instead.

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  • Publish Viewer

    Posted 07/06/2016 by Sanjeev Gupta

    I recently came across a situation in a production environment that I have been supporting that required some explanation for the client.  This environment is a large implementation, with a multi-lingual site, multiple servers, and content authors spread around multiple offices around the world. Users were often finding that they would make some small changes, but their small changes would take seemingly forever to go live. It was tough for them to understand what was going on though. Somet...

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