• Unicorn Sync All The Things Button

    Syncing All Configurations with Sitecore Unicorn

    Posted 01/05/2017 by Ed Kapuscinski

    I love using Unicorn for Sitecore item serialization, but it's a frustrating tool to use when you have to manually sync each configuration. Here's the workaround that allows you to sync all, even when the button to do so isn't present.

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  • Using the Rainbow TFS package with the NTT Data Sitecore Accelerator

    Posted 09/09/2016 by Ray Ashby

    As much as many developers love Git, using Microsoft's Team Foundation Server (TFS) is still required on many projects. This can pose an issue if you want to use Unicorn (the ascendent Sitecore Item Serialization tool), because of the way TFS locks the files it controls in the filesystem.

    The Rainbow.TFS package available from Nuget will resolve this problem for you, and allow you to use these tools together.

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  • How to Remotely Sync Unicorn 3 to Install Serialized Items Into Sitecore

    Posted 09/01/2016 by David DeBruin

    Unicorn is a great tool for adding Sitecore items to your version control system. In this post, we'll talk about how to automatically sync content items from it into an environment that's being built using TeamCity.

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